Numerology and The Sense behind Oneís Self-Expression Number

The numerology Self-Expression number is among 5 major numerology numerals involved in classic Pythagorean method. The coverage of these 5 numbers allows knowing many, if not all, insights regarding personís general destiny, his or her positive and negative traits as well as natural and potential abilities.

Getting down to Self-Expression number, it can be stated that it is responsible for peculiarities of your behavior under particular lifeís circumstances. It overviews which sides of your personality are active on particular occasions, and also those sides liable to development during the course of life.

Being conscious of your Self-Expression number will result in knowing your innate talents better, which will aid you in overcoming obstacles. And therefore you deal with any obstacle more efficiently using your stronger sides of character.

Another benefit from knowing this number is improved adaptability to challenges brought to you by your Course of Existence. Again, if you know what to expect, you prepare strategies beforehand and rely on talents you naturally possess.

We approach the step where you will be taught to derive your own Self-Expression number for the purpose of numerological research on your weaknesses and strengths. It is then up to you to use that knowledge for your best profit.

Oneís Self-Expression number is closely tied to his or her Course of Existence number. Fulfillment of your personal (and above-personal) goals and aims relies on proper use of your strong traits.

The process of deriving Self-Expression number

There are several ways of deriving Self-Expression number. First of all, use special numerology software for making numbers. Secondly it can be done on paper.

The numerology Self-Expression number is a derivative from the letters in a personís full name as stated in his or her birth certificate. Put your exact full name on a paper, and substitute associated numeric values to each single letter in it.

The associated numeral for the letter A equals 1 ... E = 5, F = 6, G = 7 ... I = 9, J = 1 ... N = 5 and so forth. Next you just sum up digits of numeric values starting from your first name. Repeat summing up (reducing) until you get the single number. Note that 11 and 22 are special cases, which do not undergo reduction.

Similar calculation is then made for your middle and last names respectively. When you eventually get three reduced numbers, it is time to sum them up again. And the result should also be reduced to a single digit (minding 11 and 22 as exceptions).


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