Lucky and Fortunate Numbers in Study of Numerology

The study of numbers known nowadays as Numerology was founded by Pythagoras (mathematician in ancient Greece). Yet this science is devoted not to numbers, but to their influence and interaction in the world. It may reveal your deeper consciousness as well as show insights regarding your course of existence. Numerology is a helpful tool and advisor in any situation.

As popularity of numerology calculators is steadily increasing nowadays, there is a great number of resources (particularly websites) featuring specialized tables and charts for determining your Lucky Numbers. There you just need to provide some information about yourself which will be used in calculation. In a couple of seconds your Numerological and Astrological numbers will be displayed on the screen.
The more information the site is prompting for calculations, the more it makes for its authenticity and seriousness.

"Hey, what numbers to choose for the next lottery?" - that's the question most people ask me after getting to know that I have experience in Numerology. But the thing is that Numerology is absolutely not supposed to be used for such matters. Regardless of numerous advertisements, which encourage you to use means of Numerology for winning lotteries, roulette or whatever, you should not forget that Numerology is descriptive study, but not predictive. Numerology is more to looking inside yourself and reexamining your existence. If in process of looking inside you will turn up with a vision of lottery's winning numbers, try it free. But don’t be taken up with this idea.
Given that, Numerology still can determine one's fortunate and lucky numbers. Generally speaking, these numbers suit your life's pattern best. And so, when you’re about to make a choice between two or more things having diverse "numeric stamp", your "Fortunate Numbers" can guide you. (Examples of numeric stamps are: apartment numbers, paper numbers etc.)


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