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Established in August 2003, SciBrick is a growing organization devoted to the display and building of paranormal, science-fiction and fantasy creations.

The mission of SciBrick is to support and encourage the public display of Science Fiction Creations.

This website is currently under construction. When complete, visitors to the website will easily be able to join the group, learn about upcoming events, and contribute by publishing events of their own.

One of SciBrick's first projects was the creation of a Moonbase standard which allows people from all over the world to join together separate "Modules" to form a large moonbase layout. The Moonbase standard is housed at Jon Palmer's network.

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The study of Numerology takes its roots in ancient ages, like 2.5 thousand years ago. It is a system of knowledge on numerals and their influence on people’s daily existence. Technically, principal concept of Numerology is that any number encountered in this world is there for a reason and has specific meaning. If you get to know what each number signifies, you will be more consent on your life path.
In addition, person’s full name, number of street and house, the date of birth are also believed to be parts of individuality in Numerological terms. All these numbers reveal notions concerning person’s purpose and generic course, although they cannot describe the future. Methods of basic numerological researches are not hard to apply, and results prove to be exact. Let’s get down to description of one of such methods.

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